About us


Fashion Focused

Amori is a fashion focused brand creating waterproof jewellery in a sustainable way. We bring you stylish, quality jewellery at prices you will love.

By using stainless steel our pieces are built to last; wear them every day, in the sea, or sweating it out at the gym. This ability to last is just one part of our eco-friendly ethos, we want you to buy less jewellery over time, not more!

100% Waterproof

More Than Just A Word


At Amori inclusivity is our thing and we know style has no limits. We endeavour to build a movement towards body positivity and all-around feeling great regardless of body type, shape or size. We’re strong believers in loving yourself and aim to show that with campaigns rooted in strength, positivity & diversity.

We’re committed to establishing, promoting and supporting a culture of inclusivity, regardless of race or social background. Through our campaigns and brand aesthetic, we seek to regularly include models and talent that represent Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. It is important to us to feel we are inclusive and representative of the diversity of all our customers.